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The Peace is over

Today is Monday and the children are back in school. I really am too tired to deal with this today but time doesn't stop anyone. The weekend was spent studying and doing schoolwork. I have midterm today that I did study for and I have to ask my head teacher for a time to do my lesson with the kiddies. My Wed teacher (math and science education) wants to start class at 2:30pm from now on because out of the five classes I should have had, I only had two. One was canceled due to snow, and the other two due to his family issues. He wants to have a class on Thursday, May 5th but I am having my Thursday classes on that day. Having talked to my peers I have come to the conclusion that the professor will most likely make us stay later, but here is my question why don't teachers think out their e-mails before they send them to students.

Have a GREAT Monday!!


President's Day, Study Day plus one

Monday I had no school due to President's Day, Tuesday was Study Day where the faculty of my college visit their sister college and today my professor had family matters to deal with. Thank you for a five day weekend. I needed it. Tomorrow I have a midterm for Special ED Teaching Methods at 8:30am, a Italian quiz and Intercultural Communication class. I have to sign up for another teaching exam also. Friday I have my Literacy Paper due which I haven't started but that is only an observational profile of one of my students. Those type of papers take no time to write because once you begin it flows. That Friday class isn't until 1:40pm so I have an lazy morning. Thank you public school for being off even though during my spring break you are not.


Tuesday in Spring 2011

It's only 8:30am and I am already behind the eight ball. I didn't complete my Italian homework. Not that I really care because I know that I am not going to Italy anytime soon and that my teacher could not teach her way out of a paper bag, but still I going to have to say something when we go over the work today. Currently, I am in Special Education Teaching Methods class that has yet to begin. The Sister is very sweet but is not qualified to teach this course. Last night, I got my normal poor quality 4 hours of sleep and that is my normal daily life.


43 Things

I took the 43 Things Personality Quiz and found out I'm a
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The Soup-Funnyest Show Ever

Here is Twilight................